Minikon (st) - Kirakira 'Classic' CD

from East Gate Sound

The original version of Minikon's debut album as released by Kirakira Disc in 2002. Contains the exclusive track 'Champion Sound' not on the East Gate Sound version. Available in limited quantities.

"Minikon is unabashedly romantic." Jan Hrubin - Junkmedia

"If you were listening to Minikon on your headphones while walking down the street, you might find yourself jumping on random bricks, hoping to shatter them and collect precious gold coins. CHINNG!! 1500 POINTS!" BHett - Adequacy

"The Japanese musical exports that seem to have corrupted (Denty One's) mind at an earlier age seem to have been the sounds emanating from the game systems of yore and our good friends Yellow Magic Orchestra." David - Shredding Paper

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